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Tips and Tricks #Mojo#Spar

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Little Empire Strategy - Patience Pays Off

This guide is based on not buying Mojo with real money. If you want to spend real money, go nuts. The folks at Camel Games will certainly like you for it. If you want to play for free, you'll have to be patient.

Part 1: Mojo, Crystal and Gold Resources

Please note that no amount of Crystal or Gold can buy Mojo. Mojo can only gained from the Wheel, Gambling, Daily Quests, and Regular Quests. Spend your Mojo wisely. Crystal and Gold you can spend freely.

a) The Wheel - you get to spin the wheel after a succesful Arena battle, or if you spend a Mojo to Gamble. In either case, the Wheel is scripted, so your return is poor. You might get Mojo, but probably not. Do not gamble, ever.

b) Daily Quests - most days, you will not be able to complete all the Dailies. Whatever. You get two Mojo if you can complete all the Dailies. If you can manage it, great. Don't spend Mojo to finish your Dailies.

c) Regular Quests - you should always complete as many of these as you can. It usually costs units, but this is the one place in the game where you can trade something you buy with Crystal and Gold to get Mojo.

Part 2: Population, Real Estate and Trees

Houses alone will not give you enough population to effectively work in the Arena for any extended period of time, especially once you get Knights. You will have to buy population increases with Mojo. You should only buy Pumpkins. All other population increases are more expensive per capita than Pumpkins.

Expand your Empire by clicking the Windmill as often as you can. You need the room.

Buy Trees if you want to, but don't spend mojo on decorations.

Part 3: Barracks and Other Unit Generators, and Upgrading Generators

Only Stables, Magic Libraries and Mechanical Labs end up requiring multiple Generators to quickly replenish your army for more Arena work. These are the Generators that build your front line, which inevitably gets demolished in each arena conflict. On all other Generators, you only need one building long-term to keep your army supplied. It's up to you whether you upgrade the Generators you will later sell.

As you progress, you will build multiple Barracks and Shooters Ranges. You will then sell these as you get Stables and Magic Libraries.

Upgrade your Crystal Mines. It's optional to upgrade your Gold Mines.

Part 4: The Hero

a) The Succubus is the strongest Hero, as it rides in the back and rarely dies. It's a little slower leveling-up than the Troll, as you burn through more front-line units with this Hero. Put all your points into Attack.

b) The Behemoth is a good Hero, but he will take concentrated fire and die regularly. It's quicker leveling early, as you don't lose as many units. Eventually though, he's not a strong as the Succubus. Put all your points into Defense, until it gets too expensive, then level Attack.

c) The Berserker is the worst Hero. He isn't defensive enough to fight in the front row, but he has to be in the second row behind Footmen to physically attack. Worst of both worlds, really.

Part 5: Spells and Gear

You will gain a rudimentary set of gear through the early quests. It mostly upgrades your hit points. Any other gear or spells will have to be purchased with Mojo. Save your Mojo for Spells.

Spells are more important than gear, as they directly deal damage. When your Arena opponents start getting Mages, you will realize the importance of being able to neutralize an opponents back-line.

Don't bet on getting good gear from the Wheel. Don't buy rings. Save your Mojo for Pumpkins and Spells



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Reply Bebekbelerang 2014-06-15 21:45
When you buy EDH (especially for melee), you will realize it is more important than deep purple

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