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Melee Players a Question. [Copy this link to quote]

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Jonathan97202 Post time: 2018-11-16 08:21:58 |Show all posts
A very interesting conversation took place today in my alliances LINE chat about balance changes people thought were needed.  I won't bore you with the details of that conversation but needless to say the two main troops mentioned were archers and demon shaman.  

The interesting turn this conversation took was when another commander mentioned the troop that needs an adjustment the most isn't a troop at all.  It is a hero.  The Bus!

Now I have seen plenty of shares of solid duel melee accounts taking down bus accounts.  Something SPLFIEND told me once a long while ago was that once a melee account crosses a certain threshold in level a bus account won't be able to just walk through it like it used to.  (i'm paraphrasing)

It was mentinoned however that we haven't seen a duel melee account in the championship in FOREVER!  Those of you old school forum memebers will remember that when they released COLO boss the first account in Troy to defeat it was a Duel Melee in freemojo alliance.  After about 45 days of people trying to get their hands on the strategy that account used it was released to the server and many people including myself switched to melee just to beat COLO.

Ok, now that the novel of my thoughts is aside.  I want to know what do you think as melee players or even bus players could be done in order to see melee accounts shine again?

I thought maybe removing bus attacking that third row might be helpful.  I wouldn't want to see the moth fishbowl ability be returned to what it was pre-nerf.  I honestly don't have much experience with melee accounts so would love some feedback!

Oh, and to mention archer.  It says something when you are dealing with 100% max accounts in the final of the server championship and it comes down to an archer vs mid-rush, and a full set zerk with something like 52 defense, and all the troops around him are maxed only survives the onslaught with a sliver of health (GOT LUCKY) that a troop needs to be toned down.  

I would love to hear your thoughts

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SPLfiend Post time: 2018-11-17 02:34:51 |Show all posts
Edited by SPLfiend at 2018-11-17 08:10

As I was privy to that conversation, though I never chimed in, I agree that archers and demon shaman are WAY TOO OVERPOWERED. But I also agree that dual melee has suffered since the dawn of time in LE. It is unfortunate that this combo, one of three, has been cast aside by Camel. This only cuts the strategy of this game by a third by not making this a viable option.

I made my decision years ago when the game first had the choice for a fort character. I immediately saw the downside and decided to stick it out. Call me crazy (my wife just says its stubborness). It is a lot of fun to play melee, but it was very challenging for many years. This can turn away others just due to the imbalance of power.

We haven't seen a dual melee in the championship for YEARS now. Even then they would be taken out by a succy quite swiftly. It is sad to see the waste of this fun aspect of the game, but I'm afraid nothing will ever change unless more make the decision to fight for their rewards as I have.

So if you seek a journey like no other and want the greatest challenge in the game.......go dual melee!
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